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12:45 PM | Saturday, January 31, 2004
*sings* oh crappy days!

just my luck, after finally getting the chance to sleep after a day without it, i wake up to my moms stern voice being bithcy and all. it turns out that neither of the sisters *thats me and my ate* have "done" anything to help out with antons party later. well, correct me if im wrong, way way back she just wanted a simple friggn party.. and now its got a magician, face-paint corner, color me mine corner and a harry potter theme. now, tell me, is that simple enough!? i mean come on! im sure anton wouldn't mind if he doesnt have a poster of harry potter with his face inplace of harrys *which i failed to do... IM SORRY. but its not my fault, anton didnt want to pose in the first place. how can i create a poster of him if he doesnt cooperate!?* mom makes it seem like neither of us do anything around here. well thats because she does everything already! and them makes us feel miserable for not being able to me as super-mom as she is. fine, we all got caught up in our school business and shit, but damnit! don't make us feel worthless! its not our fault you wanted a grand party for anton [insert middle child syndrome theory here]. no i am not jealous. i just wish she was more practical. no, i wont go on ranting about how i turned down a debut celebration just so we'll save on money. *innocent look*

argh. pardon my ranting. there's really nothing to rave about. my next week is jam-packed again.

monday- preliminary test -adprac *shudders* postponed
long test -english *no notes damnit!*
tuesday- due:graphics silk screen work
due: History of Art
wednesday- JUNK ART -natsci *havnt gotten to start on it yet*
Ad Design requirements
friday- drawing from life plate

and to think im off from school at 9, every-fuckin-day.

i need to have my eyes checked tomorrow. migraine has been acting up. *roll eyes*

6:15 PM | Thursday, January 29, 2004

[mode] plate making..
a. teaser ad
b. intro ad
c. sustaining ad
d. testimonial ad
e. drawing from life plate

3:31 PM | Wednesday, January 28, 2004

i fixed the link to my livejournal. you can view it here too. *contented*

10:53 AM |

okay.. the doctors appointment has been confirmed. *sigh*

10:50 AM |
the inevitable

i woke up earlier than i had hoped. maybe my mind cant stop thinking about it. ive got to go to the doctors today and have a checkup.. just to make sure things are still normal. err. mom said not to worry about it. it happens to women all the time.. right.. then why am i so friggn scared?

my livejournal is being updated as often as this blogspot is. oh, i hafta update my links. paulita's kahon is up as well. tell her i sent you there. ;) updates.. updates.. i have to finish four plates today.. watercolor and poster paint.. then tomorrow i need to do my drawing from life plate.. oil pastel.. then on monday i have to study for a long adprac test.. eep. then for tuesday i need to finish my blue film cutout so we can start our silk screen project.. then i have to submit my junk art for wednesday.
*whew* wish me luck.. i need it all.

9:05 PM | Sunday, January 25, 2004


11:50 AM | Saturday, January 24, 2004
six days late

no i have not ignored my blogspot.. ive just been really busy with my school life and my personal life..

ive been through fears, and there have been alot. some still not yet overcome. ive been through plates, even to the point where our professor refused our beautiful and worthy plates since she expected something simple. *kicks professor in the head* ive been through pain, and proud to feel joy again. sometimes, we just need to suffer to appreciate the better things in life. my so-called life that is. i really feel like i need to exert more effort and time to make my life better, for me. i wonder when i'll start focusing on myself and working for the better. oh, but believe me.. dino has made things alot easier for me, showing me how to have fun for a change and staying with me when i need him.

but i believe there is a time for everything. maybe its just not my time yet. maybe for now, im really supposed to just sit down on this chair and type whatever pops into my head. maybe its not time for me to purchase those books for my light reading. maybe its not time for me to hit the lotto jackpot yet. *grin*

im still glad for who i am and who my friends have helped me to become, and i know i can still do better.. just.. when?

1:23 PM | Sunday, January 18, 2004

thanks.. sobra..

12:47 PM |
why don't people leave farts anymore?


11:50 AM |

i swore to myself last night that i will devote my time today for schoolwork. serves me right to actually believe what i say.
last night i signed up for my space at livejournal since most of my buds were there. yes. we need to be closer to each other. *bwahaha*

i'm still keeping this blogspot. hell, i'll update both of them whenever i want. i can have an account at blogger, livejournal and geocities if i want.. *evil laugh*

i heard kai got a maroon HP cape at the convention. lemme see couz. :)

11:27 PM | Saturday, January 17, 2004
i might as well make use of this to vent.

Could anything be more unfair?
i can't even remember the last time i went out late to have some fun. im always at home before 11pm and its always coming home from school. today, i finally have some people to go out with and i cant go out because my mom fell asleep at 9pm? its totally not fair. i could have been picked up and dropped home safely. dad wouldn't let me go out because my mom was already asleep. he says 11pm is too late to go to eastwood.. i mean, hello!? what time do the people go there!? obviously not at 6pm. *roll eyes* for crying out loud, im 19 years old and when my ate was 19, shed be home at 3 friggn am! i mean, when else can i get the chance to go out with some buds?! not for a long time! why? because i'll be busy with school and so will everyone else! for once i'd like to just get out of the house at night. my dad is over reacting. one time, i slept in my kid brothers room since my sister was up with her friends editing in our room, obviously no sleep for me there. my dad went looking for me and he didnt see me cuddling next to my brother. he was looking for me for 3+hours.. and he actually thought i left and eloped with dino! i mean, cmon! i would never do that! he got mad for making him panic like that. well, im sorry he fell asleep before i did and didnt see me sleep next to anton. sheesh. why do i sometimes think that my parents are uber strict with me to make up for their leniency with my sister? dont get me wrong.. i love my sister.. but this is definitely not just a middle child syndrome. I work my butt off at school for them and I made them smile when i got on the deans list. Im practically the one who does their errands for them all the time. Im the one who gets ordered around. I'm the one who has to take care of my kid brother all the time. Im the one who has to sacrifice my gimiks so my sister can go out while im at home with anton. i've tried so hard to be good to them and i can't go out for one measly night while my sister is out sleeping over at a friends crib?! i am so calling my lawyer. i demand justice.

10:37 PM |
pheromones and testosterones

okay.. so i've been blog hopping and i found a really interesting site. beans, im sure you'll comment on this proving that there is no love. it's all just chemicals in our bodies that make us.. erm.. lust. click only if you are of a mature age.. *snicker* right. like people actually abide by those rules.. *roll eyes*

9:14 PM |

okay.. im really excited about this "incubus might come to manila" thing.. and im hoping its not another rumor that'll break many hearts, including mine..

if ever they do come, my ate said they'll prolly promote their latest album.. which is still something dino and i are looking forward to!!

8:57 PM |

did i say i was going to change my layout? okay fine.. i will..... just not tonight...

11:56 AM |

i need to change my layout soon. i will get to that.. i will..

i will..

11:32 AM |

its funny really. i wake up, almost lunchtime, and i rush to get my ass to greenhills and meet up with dino. everything runs smooth, right? especially since dino accompanied me to get my hotoil done. i mean, where can you find a guy who will sit down and wait with you while you get your hair done? twas really sweet of him.. we had fishball, bbq and manga with bagoong after that. what a treat! we then come home around 3 expecting to start the lotr marathon, but mum really wanted us to bake an atkin's friendly pie for her. *your wish is our command* so dino and i played around in kitchen for a loooong time. i learned alot of stuff too, like how to place the dough in the pie plate and how to mix properly with your hands and how not to burn the damn pie. *snicker* it came out pretty well too! *huge grin* so our cheesecake was chilled overnight and is now in the fridge waiting for me to sink my teeth into that sugar-carbo free cheesecake. hehe.

what about the marathon you ask?

it started at 10pm. we finished fellowship of the ring with no problem at all.
at 2am, we started with two towers..
around 4am, we both fell asleep..
we woke up at 6 and played return of the king..
we couldnt take it anymore.. at 6.30 we decided to sleep in our own beds. dino went home and i snuggled in my bed.

now i just laugh about it, really. *looks up and grins*

10:52 PM | Thursday, January 15, 2004
if i were in a band

i need to update my links. man oh man. i want a new layout. but ive got too many in mind i dunno which one to work with.
Which Band Should You Be In? by couplandesque
Your Name
Band NameIncubus
TrademarkExtreme Good Looks
Love InterestThe Vocalist
Created with quill18's MemeGen!

got this off rachel's site. hehe. awsome. try it. i tried different names. it all came out different.

10:11 PM |
song of the day

incubus - warning
abso-fuckin-lutely love this song.

10:09 PM |
the battle is on

you enter your kid bro's room for some play time before he sleeps and you guys end up wrestling. was asking for some play time too much? that kid has got too much energy. you try to talk him out of a situation and he ends up confusing you. he's smart. hyper and smart. too hard to handle? yeah, but someone's gotta do it.. *exits room limping..*

another good site to check out. *is it obvious that im too bored today?*

8:25 PM |
gimme hugsss

i got this from tesa.. its so cute!! :)
when you gimme a hug, tag me so i know and i can hug you back! *grin* i know its cheesy but what the heck.. it's my blog.

give banannarama more *HUGS*

Get hugs of your own

4:00 PM |

for some good lotr readings..

3:55 PM |

nose picking fun

3:26 PM |
talk about small world..

i was just sleeping on the couch *my favorite spot* catching up on my sleep coz i had to wake up early on a no-classes day to return francis' plate. he was real nice in lending the plate. *grin* i was on the phone when mum rushed in saying the house had to be tidied since guests were coming. and when the 'guests' came in, it was my tito martin and 2 of his companions.. and this girl smiled and said hi, so i smiled back and i couldn't help but notice how familiar she looked. after a while, she told tito martin that i was anna, her english student 5 years ago in st. paul! and i was really shocked since ms. francisco remembered me and can i just stress how weird it is having your 1st year english teacher meet with your mom 5 years after?anyway, i have no clue to what they're meeting about.

yesterday, paul roman and don martin were performing at a resto along españa, but i wasnt able to go since i forgot the name of the resto. *sheepish grin* it's nice to know people can still do what they love to do.

today i just plan to play more sims and watch tv.. maybe try to catch that new commercial of coke. yes, i havn't seen the damn thing.. so sue me.

tomorrow we're planning to have an lotr marathon at dino's house after classes. so we're estimating we'll get to start at 10pm.. and if each movie is 3 hours long, we'll end up watching til 7am the next day. i just hope i won't fall asleep.

8:15 AM | Wednesday, January 14, 2004

i was going to post an old humiliating picture of us with pillows stuffed in our shirts pretending we were pregnant, but i thought i'd save karen from the humiliation and just greet her instead. he he he.. happy birthday couz. the picture will come next time.. birthday mo naman eh.. *eew sino ako? hmm.. sinong may birthday ngayon!? haha!*

11:17 PM | Tuesday, January 13, 2004
song of the day

incubus - mexico

11:16 PM |
batteries dont last

the day was going great.. i got to wake up at 12nn and enjoy some good ol' r&r.. watched tv a bit and then finally took my bath and left for school. class was just going to be from 5-9pm instead of the usual 11-9pm. so twas good, right? but no.. after waiting for my ride, it just had to die on us. yes, car trouble. jem and banorks had to leave so i was really the only one in the dark building waiting for my dad to come pick us up and jumpstart the car. geezus..

well, i start the day a little before lunch tomorrow.. not bad..
it's kai's birthday tomorrow! please greet her a happy birthday. thank you.

yesterday i wasnt able to update since i got home kinda late and tired and i had to stay up and work until i was drained... thus allowing me to have a good deep long sleep..

10:23 PM | Sunday, January 11, 2004
eyes wide shut

dino and i came from the mall *glorietta* and watched lotr and i'd have to say it was really a good movie. i'm no lotr fanatic but the movie was really good. i loved the battle scenes and i just have to add that i found the last few scenes somewhat gay.. especially when sam and frodo looked like they were going to kiss.. *now don't go hating me.. i still loved the story.. it was just.. weird.* and i couldn't help but say "mr. anderson" everytime Elrond was there! check cai's page to see what i'm talking about..

i pigged out today. well, i feel really guilty and it started when mom and dad made us eat lunch at shakey's! i mean, we knew very well what we were getting ourselves into.. and we still faced the food of evil!! haha! and from there, i took a break from my atkins. i have to start again tomorrow.. and be real strict about it. oh the guilt..

9:51 PM |
for all my friends.. this is for you..

with all that new year hype..

In 2003..

1. What did you do in 2003 that you'd never done
:splurge, sleep-over every week (at joparts),
three-way (via cellphone) a local and
international call thrice!, wall climbing,
rapelling.. next should be bungee jumping..

2. Did you keep your new years' resolutions, and
will you make more for next year?
:new years' resolutions? what are those!? hehe.
i never really got to make em before.. you make
em and break em..

3. Did anyone close to you give birth?
:in 2003? my tita..

4. Did anyone close to you die?
:fortunately no.. but close to my buds.. yes. :(

5. What countries did you visit in 2003?
:went to the states last summer..

6. What would you like to have in 2004 that you
lacked in 2003?
:moolah..and lots of it. *grin*

7. What date from 2003 will remain etched upon
your memory, and why?
:december 5.. jologs daw pero what the heck!
haha! 'twas cool. *hehe*

8. What was your biggest achievement of the year?
:staying friends with my buuuds.. and getting on
the dean's list, diba pau? *big huge gigantic

9. What was your biggest failure?
:losing friends i lurve..

10. Did you suffer illness or injury?
:nothing serious..

11. What was the best thing you bought in 2003?
:food. hehe. it kept me alive.

12. Where did most of your money go?
:plates.. *sniff* oh how i wish i could say
shopping.. but no.. it went to projects and the

13. What did you get really, really, really
excited about?
:my achievements.. *grin* oh and our puppy

14. What song(s) will always remind you of 2003?
:splender-whatever makes you happy, all american
rejects-swing swing, third eye blind-blinded,
goo goo dolls-two days in feb, apo-when i met
you *yiha!*, ang walang kamatayang moonlight
over paris *haha!*, and matchbox 20-unwell..
which most were great songs but overplayed..

15. Compared to this time last year, are you:
Happier or sadder - happier i think..
Older or wiser - older AND wiser..
Thinner or fatter? - goshdarnit! still the same!
Richer or poorer? - still poor..

16. What do you wish you'd done more of?
:focus on my acads and my body *tsk*

17. What do you wish you'd done less of?
:procrastinate and eat..

18. How did you spend Christmas?
:every year it seems like theres less of us.. we
spent it like how we always did..

19. Did you fall in love in 2003?
:im proud ta say yeah..

20. What was your favorite TV program?
:charmed.. only show i really got to watch..

21. Do you hate anyone now that you didn't hate
this time last year?
:hate is evil..

22. What was the best book you read?
:in 2003? the series of unfortunate events
thanks to kai..

23. What was your greatest musical discovery?
:the karaoke.. scored a 98 at kats house! hehehe

24. What did you want and get?
:what i wanted and got was my celly.. and my
bluetooth dongle.. and shopping money.. and my
gameboy sp *thanks dino!* and many more..

25. What did you want and not get?
:a winning lotto ticket.. darnit..

26. What was your favorite film of this year?
:i guess this goes for 2003.. i am sam.. saw it
on HBO. hehe. 2004.. so far i got to watch
crying ladies lang.. hehe

27. What did you do on your birthday, and how
old were you?
:simple dinner.. and my buds came to keep me
happy. thanks so much.. :) turned 19!i know.. im

28. What one thing would have made your year
immeasurably more satisfying?
:winning the lotto? *grin*

29. How would you describe your personal fashion
concept in 2003?
:a plain tee, jeans and sneakers.. i know.
nothing too fancy. but i love tees and pants and

30. What kept you sane?
:dino, paula, teresa, nadine, kai, beans,
katlin, mon, momi jade, jules, cat-o, ate kathy, jara, cham
.. just to name a
few.. many thanks..

31. Which celebrity/public figure did you fancy
the most?
:alyssa milano and anjelina jolie

32. What political issue stirred you the most?
:tatakbo si fpj.. and mukhang mananalo...<---
scary nga!!!!<-- *shudders*

33. Who did you miss?
:CHAM, paula *i know we see each other everyday
but..*, dino, cathy, CMD, spcp batchmates, my
buuuds, my IRCmates...

34. Who was the best new person you met?
:best new person? hmm.. i didnt really meet any
best new people.. but i guess i made better
friendships outta some. :) and i also got closer
with dino and his family. *wink*

35. Tell us a valuable life lesson you learned
in 2003:
:don't think everyone knows you as well as you
think they do.. friends help make college easier
and fun, so keep em.. old friends don't exactly
stay the same.. but that doesnt mean the
friendship is over.. it's okay to fall in love..
respect your parents, especially when you're
living under their roof, chocolates are evil but
so damn good..

36. Quote a song lyric that sums up your year:
:throw away the radio suitcase
that keeps you awake
hide the telephone in case, you
realize that sometimes you're not okay
you level off but its not all right now
you need to understand
there's nothing strange about this
you need to know your friends
I'll be waving my hand watching you drown
watching you scream
quiet or loud

maybe you should sleep
maybe you just need a friend
as clumsy as you've been
there's no one laughing
you will be safe in here

Throw away this very old shoelace
that tripped you again
try and shrug it off
it's only skin now
you need to understand
there's nothing fake about this
you need to let me in
I'm watching you

I'll be waving my hand watching you drown
watching you scream
no one's around

maybe you should sleep
maybe you just need a friend
as clumsy as you've been
there's no one laughing
you will be safe in here

clumsy - our lady peace
***so everyone out there who has made a
difference in my life..

whether it be yesterday, last year or 7 years
may it be at tagaytay, in the classroom behind
the computer table, or outside running and
playing patintero, magic square, langit lupa,
and snake..
whether it was eating fishball by the sidewalk,
eating lunch at españa or standing on the lunch
tables and being called 'notorious'..
whether we keep in touch thru chismis,
via text or through YM..
may it be crying about loved ones, laughing at
our own mistakes, or shouting "SENIORS-TWO-

you have indeed made a difference in my life..

HERE'S TO YOU.. *cheers*

enjoy the rest of this year! :)

4:25 PM | Saturday, January 10, 2004
friday five

What one thing are you most looking forward to . . .

1. playing sims and talking to dino til past me bedtime.. *smirk*

2. ...over the next week? finishing my prelims..

3. ...this year? losing weight

4. ...over the next five years? graduating college *hopefully with great grades* and finding a promising job and settling down..

5. ...for the rest of your life? watching my little anna's and little [insert name of husband here"----"] *GRIN*'s growing up and we'll be swimming in money. *HEHE*

4:05 PM |
song of the day

third eye blind - god of wine

4:03 PM |
shmick shmuck

..been really busy the past few days. either with school or with myself. well, i think i've made up for lost sleep and now my neck hurts. serves me right.. there are so many projects i want to ace but i have no idea what's stopping me. there's this video contest i wanted to join but it's a minimum of three members and i can't really find people who are dedicated enough *a.k.a. willing to spend moolah* by january 14.. which is 4 frickin days away. oh well..

my buds and i want to watch lotr but we know the cinemas are full especially on a weekend so i'm hoping we can go to a cinema with reserved seats.. if not, then let's all be merry and squeeze in with everyone else. :) hehe. going to school is becoming a drag, especially now that the professors are getting lazy or preoccupied with other agendas, leaving us hanging with rush-plates or empty schedules. *rolleyes* i wanna get this year over and done with. i wanna go back to color me mine and spend the summer there. i had so much fun last year, i'm hoping this year will be as great or better. i'd like to work while going to school but my schedule prohibits me from doing so.

kat and mon had one of those tampuhan days yesterday and dino and i ended up comforting kat last night and early morning until she decided to give mon a ring. i'm glad they worked it out.. they always do. :) spoke to julius yesterday and he said he's glad everything between him and paula are all good. finally, the couple we all anticipated are hitting it off. *pleased* i havnt seen mike and jo argue for quite some time now, which is a really good thing. they're really cute together, especially when they go shopping and buy the best steals. jc and jade seem the usual happy-go-lucky couple. they're always giggling and laughing and we're glad they're doing great. the bear co. is still there.. oh, i miss laila.. i really do. i want to see her and have a long talk with her.. just to make sure she knows that i and the group are here for her.. jara's still the same giddy self she is and i miss her too. which makes me think.. how come it never fails that people have to go?

12:44 AM | Friday, January 09, 2004
no vacancy

i shall post tomorrow

6:46 PM | Thursday, January 08, 2004
sleep in

its been 3 days since i last updated this thing and, well, i'm pleased of the outcome. lots of people have actually taken the time to look and read this silly thing. many thanks to you.

but i'm still pretty tired and those 14 hours of sleep still didn't make up for lost sleep. yeah, i wasnt able to sleep yesterday because i stayed up all night and morning to finish my three plates.. thankful that dino helped me and managed to stay up longer than i did.. thank you sooo much. now, i shall go back to lazying around.. and then start on another plate that i must finish..

10:44 PM | Monday, January 05, 2004
january fifth, two thousand and four

hey dino.. it's been a month and i guess all i can really say is thank you for everything, especially keeping me happy. the mere fact that you got along with my fam means alot. i mean, my brother isnt such an obstacle.. he loves playing with you! hehe anton's letter is quite funny too *see link below*. and my sister.. wow. either she's being really nice or you're doing a good job staying on her good side.. and then there are my rents.. oh you know how it is. but they like you. *ngiti na yaaan! :)* and im really grateful you got along with my couzns while at baguio. *grin* i know a month doesnt seem long to other people, but its been a great month.. really. and i dunno how you were able to put up with my constant whining and the times id make gigil *bite* and when i get in a really crappy mood.. i guess my mum was right.. the girls here in horseshoe need a man with the patience of my dad and tito butchie, and im proud to say you've been really patient with me, noh. thanks..
it's not everyday you meet a man with the patience you have with me, and your being understanding and your sense humor.. i'm glad i got lucky. :)

and now for anton's letter.. he claims he did this at school after copying his notes and had nothing else to do..
ate kathy would know who he learned this little song from..

5:12 PM | Sunday, January 04, 2004
just like we imagined it

i feel bloated and its not fair because i have been on this atkins diet for like 2 weeks now. sure i cheated for the first few days but after that i told myself absolutely no cheating.. so how come after experiencing weight loss i feel so friggn bloated? grrr..

my head has been spinning since forever. maybe it senses my lazy ass and body not doing anything, which is something im not really used to. well, my too good to be true break will have its despidida today since im going back to school tomorrow.. which totally reminds me of my homework due this week. *ugh*


it is yet another slow day. anton chatted with ate leigh a while ago and i just found it so cute that he was actually typing and chatting with ate leigh all by his little self.. then it soon got irritating after he'd run back and forth asking how to spell every word he had to type. he said he was too lazy to think for himself.. right.

i treated myself to small silver hoops while i was at megamall yesterday. dino bought me silver studs so it matches perfectly. i want to go shopping but we both promised that we shall reward ourselves by shopping when we reach the end of the school year this march. whoa boy, i need to save up for that!!

i am quite proud that i havnt touched sugar loaded chocolates in the a past week and a half.. along with no carb and stuf. yeah, ive been able to discipline myself but i still can't understand what i did wrong to feel this heavy again.. good things never last.. *sniff*

food is evil

i rest my case.

3:16 PM |
song of the day

radiohead - creep

2:06 AM | Saturday, January 03, 2004
song of the day

goo goo dolls - two days in february

2:04 AM |
tom cruise

oh he is just so cute. i just watched him on the hollywood channel. i forgot the title tho.. its a very popular movie but i just cant friggn remember the title. tom cruise goes "i want the truth! and jack nicholson snaps "you cant handle the truth!"

anyway my boredom and vanity got to me again... so here goes.. my favorite christmas photo. *evil grin*

8:02 PM | Friday, January 02, 2004

i visited my dog in the kitchen and i guess he got too excited and mistook my legs for a scratching post. next time i should think twice before going to him in my shorts. all i really wanted was dinner... and instead i got red lines on my legs..

6:49 PM |
diet crashed!?

my my. what a surprise. cathy did come over and my jaw dropped with what she brought with her.. and my gift for her wasnt as nice! *dontcha hate it when that happens??* i guess i'll make up for it on her birthday..

she gave
ºmy kid bro a "pogi" polo which seemed either just right or a tad small. goes to show how long its been..
ºus ice monster too!! *drool*
ºmy family a box of chocolates from marks & spencer *and we're all on atkins!*
ºme 2 gift certificates to kamiseta! that's more than enough! my ged..

thanks cathy.. you're a real sweetheart. *suck up!!* hehe

now.. should i pig out? or deprive myself of such sweets and goodies? oh woe is me.. woe woe is me..

6:16 PM |
gimme hugssss

i got this from tesa.. its so cute!! :)
when you gimme a hug, tag me so i know and i can hug you back! *grin* i know its cheesy but what the heck.. it's my blog.

give banannarama more *HUGS*

Get hugs of your own

5:36 PM |
hit and run

another lazy day. waking up past 12noon really makes the day shorter huh? a recap of my exciting day..

ºlunch with the rents
ºchecked personal stuff on the computer
ºsugarfree carbfree chocolate bars
ºsurfed sites
ºsugarfree ice cream
ºsurfed for blogs
ºplayed sims on ps2
ºsurfed sites
ºplayed simpsons hit and run on ps2

i cant believe i've accomplished so much today!! NOT.
Dino's on his way home from Baguio.. Finally.. Being low on credit and no access to the phone was pretty difficult. Now i can talk to someone on the phone. it's weird, really. I can't stand still for a few minutes. I always have to do something, communicate with someone or i just end up sleeping. i bookmarked several blogs today. yeah, im trying to get ideas for my "web site" which sadly, is going no where. cathy was supposed to come over today but her driver hasnt checked in for the day so i have no idea when i can hand her her christmas gift.. maybe i'll just do it along with her birthday gift.

Should i just stick to this blog or really finish my web site? i havn't told much about this little spot on the web. God knows no one reads this. it's just all brain fart and droppings. hehe.

my sister just comes home and the first thing she mutters "ann, borrow shirt.." *roll eyes* it's a little too late to say no huh?

10:56 PM | Thursday, January 01, 2004
song of the day

maroon5 - she will be loved

10:31 PM |
is it really new?

there's so much hype about this new year, i've already become sick of it. people left and right jotting their "new year's resolutions" but will they even get around to do it? i know i've tried and failed, but i guess that's why everyone loves the new year.. so they could forget about their past mistakes and start anew..

as for me, i'm limiting my new year's resolutions to those within reach. i mean, come on.. can you really clean your room and clean out your closet at the same time? i know i can't. well, i've started on my list. i can't seem to push myself to continue. i guess number two should be
stop procrastinating..
go figure.

early this morning, my deep sleep was abruptly distrupted by my mother. *groan* we had to hear the 10am mass (yes, the 10am mass) but my body wouldn't cooperate. i woke up two hours later and for the whole day i just lazed around. i did manage to work on my upcoming web page... thanks to my couz kai. and yeah, ate kathy did give me that little push i needed to work on this thing.

my sister and i witnessed the weirdest things during the 6pm mass..

ºsome street kid kept getting beat up by his fellow street kids *yes, quite disturbing*
ºa kid would cover his ears and shriek everytime the choir would sing
ºa mom with a wedgie *shudders*
ºa teen *on the heavy side* wearing cropped pants and pointed heels.. yes, black pointed heels with olive green cropped pants..

so now, i'll go back and wait for more inspiration to finish my fatal frame II inspired web page..
or maybe i should get back to schoolwork with classes just around the corner..

12:53 AM |
Another Year to Face with Bravery..

well, let's face it.. another year snuck up on us. bid good-bye to those memories? nah. this new year has both its ups and downs. sure, it can give us more headaches and backpains.. but it can also give us something to look forward to.. something new. whether it be for the better or for worse.. we just have to brace ourselves and see what's in store for us. i can't seem to understand why people always want to celebrate the new year with a big bang.. "to scare away the evil karma.." "to start with year with happiness.." well, whatever it's for, it's good to watch fireworks dance in the sky while seated with your family eating food you can only taste that time of the year.

starting this new year gives me the chance to make my resolutions. the problem is, i have not started on my list. i guess that's number one.

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