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5:26 PM | Saturday, February 28, 2004
never too soon

yesterday morning, i woke up uber early (which is something im not used to). i had like 3 bags with me, since i packed for my sleepover. i was running late as usual but i arrived in time for the chalk festival and paula and i started conceptualizing for the 7 x 7 ft box and chalk. this is what we (paula, kat, jade, jc and i) came up with.

we didn't win or anything but the mere thought of people appreciating our work is rewarding enough. the first place winner deserved it. but we were hoping they'd stop choosing artworks that have this common style. anyway.. after washing our soiled hands and dusting the chalk from our clothes, kat and i headed to her crib to pick up her clothes. we had to finish some work and be at dino's party at the same time. not bad.

we had a party for dino and im glad it turned out well. i got him chucks for a birthday gift. im glad he liked it. walking around for 2 hours looking for the perfect birthday gift isn't exactly easy. ask my feet.

i need to finish my oil painting portrait. our exhibit was moved.. goodie? not really.. its been moved to march 12... march 12... incubus concert....


i got this from joan and kai..
gold heart
Heart of Gold

What is Your Heart REALLY Made of?
brought to you by Quizilla
it might just have some truth to it. :P

im going to a kiddie party at mcdonalds in a while. i think im going. i havnt actually asked permission but im going with kai, so it might make a difference. nadine is turning 5 tomorrow. hehe. a 19 year old with a 5 year old heart. :)

11:04 PM | Thursday, February 26, 2004
friday five

my friday five for tomorrow since i'll be sleeping somewhere else tomorrow.

When was the last time you...

1. ...went to the doctor? had a check up january 28, 2004

2. ...went to the dentist? eep. i hate dentists.. *shudders* but i need to visit one soon.. [insert sound effects here]

3. ...filled your gas tank? the driver did that wednesday before going to jade's party

4. enough sleep? too long ago

5. ...backed up your computer? dad does that for us. *grin*

10:37 PM |
drum roll please

Happy Birthday Dino!


okay, i just had to squeeze this in.. i'm halfway done through my self-portrait. im using oil paint so you could just imagine the mess on my table. its due this saturday because on tuesday we're opening our second organization exhibit. :)

then after that i have sooo much lined up, from the parties this whole week to the papers and the papers and the reports and the plates all lined up for this march.

happy birthday cawhiit, madel, maan and nadine!!

*work mode*

3:19 PM | Wednesday, February 25, 2004

its too frickin hot out to do anything..

8:53 PM | Saturday, February 21, 2004
funny incident

i guess i was testing my power over my kid brother.. or i was just testing how gullible he was

me:Anton, please throw this away. *shows him banana peel*
anton:No. im not your slave.

the kid has a point. he's not my slave.. anymore that is. *grin*

10:29 PM | Wednesday, February 18, 2004

right now, i just want to punch my fist into the wall.. who cares about the fractured bones or the blood dripping from my knuckles. i couldn't care less. i just want to release the anger, yet i can never get myself to do it. why? because my future depends on my hands. maybe i can just kick the wall until ive finally let it all out.

i havn't updated for the longest time. there are so many things to blog about but i never get the mood. right now, my anger has reached its limit, hence my post.

need to post on:
-how crummy some people can get, especially with regards to group work
-the oil spill
-the countless projects due march
-the boracay proposal
-gintong susi exhibit
-how money makes the world go round

we went bowling this afternoon. twas a first. anyway, we made them believe we were all 18 below but in reality, three out of eight were only 18. i just have to boast i got the highest (124) and the girls vs boys team went great (we won of course)

i know i can make a better post but im tired.


11:41 AM | Friday, February 13, 2004

i had the weirdest dream and it involved me, ate kathy, my sis, and other people i cant seem to recall and we were all trapped somewhere. it resembled the busy streets of new york but we felt like we were in españa. (wow, new york looks like españa now?) and our goal was to save kai and paul from the mean, mean man. he was sort of like an ugly giant and i had this bottle of MC. (god knows what that is) and apparently it made him hella dizzy and it gave us time to run and save my couzns. well, the weird thing is even my 60+ year old grandma was running with us shouting "ay, ang mga bata!".

toooo weird.

updates on the oil spill when i get home tonight. you see, i just woke up and its almost 12noon. i was planning to wake up at 9am so i could finish my plate and get to school on time. well, lookie-see, im still home and i havnt even started on my plate. wowness for me.

10:24 PM | Tuesday, February 10, 2004

i finally updated my livejournal.

and i just have to mention i passed my st. paul to pick up my long awaited yearbook. i was seriously expecting more but i bow to those who worked hard on it. it was good, really. they made up for the lost pictures *which i was looking forward to* and i loved the trivias. yes, i did wish it was my picture that was lost back in seventh grade so id have a whole page all to myself. how selfish, i know. my blockmates loved the yearbook tho. seriously. paula and i met up at st paul around sevenish.. okay, so i was 15 minutes late.. big deal? when was i never 15 minutes late for st paul?

wait, im finally blogging and making sense!? i saw several teachers.. and its nice to know they're still alive. we didnt waste much time there tho, and we got in the car and headed to dino's crib since i left my wallet with him and i can't go to school without my worn out ID. dont worry, his house is right in front of st paul.

for the second time this month, i left something at home for my graphics class and during our 3 hour break, kat, mon, paula, jules and i took a cab home and bummed at my crib. i treated them to ice cream for keeping me company and we enjoyed watching bruce almighty for the second time around.

word for the day: c/o onins "stuplong" pronounced - st-oo-p-long: another term for a dumb being and must be said in a low niño-type voice.

9:26 PM |
hiding for five days

i seriously have been wanting to blog these past few days but nothing seems to pop into my head anymore. its all a big blur and all i can come up with are blah's. see, i make no sense. its official. my life is too boring, even to blog about.

7:45 PM | Thursday, February 05, 2004
incubus tickets for sale

[edit]three tickets up for grabs.. row 27. reserved seats. interested?

5:20 PM |
the janet incident

for those who are not aware of what happened.. here's a short clip..

publicity stunt? i think YES. immoral and right down low? YES.

1:01 AM | Sunday, February 01, 2004
with a twist

okay.. so my day started out really crappy.. as in right down shitty.. but now i can say i had a great time after. the face painting was fun, the magician was cool, the paint your own ceramic was tiring but great and all in all anton had a blast. i just wish mom and dad would patch things up already. its 1am and dino brought me home. twas really fun hanging out with his family, regardless of the humiliation i went through when he introduced me to some of his titas. his best bud dino was also there. i know, they have the same name. :P
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