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11:20 PM | Saturday, April 24, 2004
I just had to blog this..

"So many of the commercials on TV these days are for anti-depressants. There are so many -- Prozac, Paxil... and they get you right away: Are you sad? Do you get stressed? Do you have anxiety? .....Yes, yes, and yes. I have all those things.... I'm ALIVE! I don't want to take a pill. If you want to understand real stress, I say, go to Africa. Go follow some Bushman around. He's getting chased by a lion. That's stress! You're not going to find a pygmy on Paxil, I'll tell you that right now."

--Ellen DeGeneres

9:41 PM | Wednesday, April 07, 2004

a little something i got from my couzn kai...

Anna and Dino
  • Plan to conceive four rockin' kids.
  • Like to play all kinds of games at every opportunity.
  • Look out for each other.
Orchestrated by ianiceboy

and guess who i saw at color me mine while i was working there? *drum roll*
it was ron weasley age 8.

The cute thing was, he's really from london and that accent just made him more adorable.
ya see, that's why i love working at cmm. the prob is, today im home sick. i had fever for
three consecutive days and well,
last night my temperature reached 39.9! A little more,
that would have been my all time top 40 degrees HOT! So i came from the doctor a while
ago ( joanwould know who i'm talking about..) and she said i have tonsilitis. At first i thought they were actually going to remove my poor tonsils. It was a
relief when she handed me the prescription for antibiotics. I still have a slight fever but
I'm thankful it's not as high as it was last night. Believe me, it's not fun to wake up and
feel like you're burning and then the next minute you wake up having to change into dry
clothes. I was sweating from head to foot. After that, i felt so much better..
and the best part??


Was the first time i saw him cook in the kitchen for me. So that made me feel better too.
Dino said he wished he was there to watch over me.. That was comforting enough. :)

Cat was at shang a while ago.. I saw Jaro, Eliza, Jimi and Aspe at galleria last monday..
It's April's birthday on the 12th.. It was Bless' birthday last April 1st.. It's Paul's
birthday this friday.. poor kid. It's good friday so he invited all his friend to
crucify him instead. err.. that's the spirit pao!

OOH, another happy moment i need to jot down, Paula, Jules, Jara, Laila and
Jade came to visit Juan and me last night while we were closing. good thing too..
we were getting pretty bored by ourselves.

What is worse than the scorching heat? A brownout to go with it, that's what.

okay okay, enough nonsense..

my layout? oh yeah.. sheesh. i must get to that. i know i know..

8:40 PM | Friday, April 02, 2004
i know i know!!

yes i will update soon. i will have a new layout and all that.. but for now, im taking my vacation seriously. playing ps2, watching tv, sleeping in the afternoons and taking long long baths.. until i start working again. i start on tuesday.. jc and i have the closing shift. so maybe a little after tuesday, i get out of this 'leave-me-alone-its-my-vacation" phase.

my professor sucks. im too pissed to talk about it. she's not worth my words.

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