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11:25 PM | Tuesday, November 30, 2004

I think I'll have a christmas-y layout for the season..hmm..

10:59 PM |
NO INTERNET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm just over at my couzins house (20 steps from our doorstep) using their pc since our internet has been down for three straight days! Anyway, life's been kind in other ways.. He spared our area from the constant downpour yesterday, meaning no flash floods or disasters, unlike some of my blockmates.. they weren't as lucky. *pout* I hope their Christmas turns out better for them. *sigh*

Everyone has been putting up their Christmas Wish List but I really haven't thought about it yet, so for those who want to get me something, I will post something after my 1st anniversary with Dino, because for now, that's what I'm focused on. HAHA.

I'm still not sure on what to get him.. suggestions?

3:17 AM | Monday, November 29, 2004

I can't find my bluetooth dongle!! *rants*

I want to upload my pictures already! argh. anyway, today was Ally's 2nd birthday party at Mickey dee's, Greenhills. I brought Anton along and he had fun, especially after all the goodies he got. *grin*

After taking Anton home, Dino and I and his friends went to Mara's house to hang out until we decided where else to hang out after.. So around 7 we arrived at Shangri-la... and played Magic until 2am. Hahaha! It was fun really.. I'm no expert but all the stories and jokes and food.. aah.. :) Twas great. :) Dino didn't want me to get in trouble so he took me home right away. And he stayed here for a while, just talked a little more..

It makes me sad knowing I have to leave him for a while when I stay over at Canada for a few years.. Believe me, I don't really want to go but sometimes you have no power over things (and believe me, I love having power) and you just have to accept the fact that you lost the battle. What I have to do now is make the most out of it and maybe win my own battle there. I really love Dino, and for those who think it's mushy or sickening to declare your love for someone, I don't give a damn really. We're celebrating our one year anniversary next sunday December 5 and... Well, I'm really excited. :)

So much has been happening at school lately, and I really havn't posted much about it. So, maybe it's not that important..

As for now, it's time to wash up and get ready to sleep. Dino and I are starting on the ever so popular South Beach Diet on December 1, so wish us luck!

7:36 AM | Wednesday, November 24, 2004

I'ts funny how there are so many visitors everyday, but they're all shy to drop a line or leave a message..
don't be shy! :)

10:59 PM | Monday, November 22, 2004
matchbox 20 - when you're gone

i think i've already lost you
i think you're already gone
i think i'm finally scared now
you think i'm weak
i think you're wrong

i think you're already leaving
feels like your hand is on the door
i thought this place was an empire
now i've realised i can't be sure

and i think you're so mean
i think we should try
i think i could need this in my life
and i think i'm scared
i think too much
i know its wrong its a problem i'm dealing

if you're gone
maybe its time to come home
there's an awful lot of breathing room
but i can hardly move
if you're gone
baby you need to come home
there's a little bit of something me
in everything in you

i bet you're hard to get over
i bet the moon just won't shine
i bet my hands i can stay here
i bet you need more than you mind

and i think you're so mean
i think we should try
i think i could need this in my life
and i think i'm just scared
that i know too much
i can't relate and thats a problem i'm feeling

if you're gone
maybe its time to come home
there's an awful lot of breathing room
but i can hardly move
if you're gone
baby you need to come home
there's a little bit of something me
in everything in you

i think you're so mean
i think we should try
i think i could need
this in my life
and i think i'm scared
do i talk too much?
i know its wrong its a problem i'm dealing

if you're gone
then maybe its time to come home
there's an awful lot of breathing room
but i can hardly move
if you're gone
hell baby you need to come home
there's a little bit of something me
in everything in you

something me... everything in...
something me... in you

I've been so busy lately. I want to post happy posts. I want to brag about how we won our college parade (and how I was dressed up as the mermaid) and won P10,000 as a class. I want to post the pictures and share the fun moments and the pocket draining moments as well. I want to rant how the rain has been raining everyday except before, during the after the parade. I want to share how we've been excused from classes and how the professors have enjoyed the little break as well. I want to be happy. I really want to, but my mood has swung. I'm not feeling well again and I don't think I can explain what's the matter with me because I can't understand myself. I feel like I'm so needy, but why can't I whine for a while? I have so much to do, yet here I am just effin' whining about how terrible I feel. Why does this have to happen anyway?

Why do we have to feel the need for some chocolate, a warm bubble bath and just curl up in bed with the covers over our heads and leave a -do-not-disturb- sign over our heads.

I feel like the rollercoaster-ride has broken-down in the middle of a heart pumping loop, and I'm stuck.


Pump my heart and make me alive again. I beg you. Why does it have to be this way anyway? I just want to


and let it all out. I want to act crazy. I'm twenty and I don't have my life sorted out and it scares me to hell and back. I dont think what I'm doing is just enough. And have I mentioned I'm effin' scared about what lies ahead of me?

I'm such a Drama Queen!

8:24 PM | Friday, November 12, 2004

In connection with my previous post, I still am very much a geek, and what I'm about to tell you will prove it. :) I had a great day today. Despite my empty stomach and insomnia attack last night, and the boring subjects today, one thing actually lifted my spirits.. today, i was voted VP of our Student Council for CFAD I'm not bragging though.. I'm just shocked, scared, happy, and overwhelmed.. did I mention scared? so there. I guess it's just something else to let my parents be happy about since I didn't reach the Deans List last semester..

That gave me alot to think about for this semester. Will my position push me to do better this year? What about my time with my friends? What about my time for myself? What new things will I have to get used to? Will I fall behind in class? I HAVE NO IDEA.

Maybe.. just MAYBE things will work out for me. I'm hoping and praying that this will keep me busy, just not too busy, but busy enough to feel accomplished. :)

The Girls

1:26 AM |
im such a G E E K !

I just finished adding more to my blog.

Obviously, I have so much time right now and all i can think of is my blog. Haha! Check the bar on the left and you will see I've added pictures!! PICTURES GALORE! and Ned Vizzini left me a comment. *rave rave rave* hahaha! I know. I admit I'm a geek. But it's fun being a geek. Don't deny that deep down inside every person is a geek just waiting to be free, even for an hour.

Being a geek isn't bad. You see happiness in small things. Therefore, instant happiness. But don't get me wrong, when my geeky-ness disappears, it's time for a BF (watch WHITE CHICKS) otherwise known as a bitch fit..

I miss Dino.

Lately, nothing exciting has been happening at school. CFAD (my college) week is coming up, so more activities lined up. Not bad, not bad. But then the plates (requirements) will be piling up as well. Hmm...

I'm planning to add another book to my not-so-boastful-collection, if i can only find it! If anyone sees Be More Chill, please LET ME KNOW.

and for other news..


google it

11:11 PM | Sunday, November 07, 2004
im sooo babaw.

I found this chatboard, so if we're online at the same time and we're not satisfied with the tag-board.. ta-da! An online private chatroom. Haha!

My schedule.

Take note of the long hours and crappy short breaks in between. *argh*

I had dinner at Kooka-bar (sp?) at Greenhills with Dino and his sibs. As usual, they paid for everything. Kakahiya nga eh.. but i still had so much fun!

**rant: My mom is so insensitive. She doesn't really want me having dinners with Dino and his family because according to her, we're getting too used to the fact that we're treating each other like family. my gawd. I'd be thrilled if my daughters boyfriends family took care of her like they take care of me. She just doesn't get it. She keeps saying things like, "He's just your first boyfriend", "Don't treat each other like family".. And she doesn't get the fact that it hurts my feelings. So what if he's my first boyfriend? Do I have to wait for my sixth boyfriend just to say it's safe to call it love? Ano, maglolokohan lang kami? She's keeping me too close to her and I don't think she wants me to move out, EVER. I honestly feel like she's going to keep me under her roof until im 30. AYOKO. Don't get me wrong, I'm grateful and everything but I'm growing up too. I'm not 10 anymore where I can't make my own decisions without asking her. I can choose who I want to love. She doesn't have to make comments about it. She has nothing against Dino, I just get the feeling that she thinks I'm going to have many more boyfriends after him. I don't really care what she thinks right now. Argh. I wanna get outta here already. I wanna live on my own. I so want to graduate and have my own job and family already. I'm turning 21 fer crying out loud! I'm not going to get any younger.

Yes, this has something to do with Canada, because I feel that its holding me back of my dreams. I didn't plan on migrating and waiting to become another citizen. I'm happy being Filipino. God knows I'm going to come back here.. so why leave anyway?

Oh, Dino.. if you're reading this, don't worry. Like I said, no one in my family has anything against you. My mom's just too clingy to me. She's afraid you're going to take me away from her. Boo. It's not fair huh? oooh, alis ulit tayo. Try natin ung Dencio's sa Ghills! :)

5:03 PM |
a little twitch here and there

I just finished editing my layout.. no nothing big. i just added a little here and there. i dont want to change it just yet. its still my mood..

10:51 PM | Wednesday, November 03, 2004
Recommended books!!

Teen Angst? Naaah... by Ned Vizzini
It's not exactly full of obscene language and unruly plots. It's more of a quasi-autobiography that takes you back to the same situation you were in several years back. I finished the book today. It's price-friendly too!

Boy meets girl by Meg Cabot
(author of princess diaries and more young adult books, #1 New York Times Bestselling Author) Sappy it is not. It's witty, unique and funn-ee. She's not exactly my age but the genre we can totally relate to. It's not as low-priced as Teen Angst? Naaah... but it's worth it. I'm almost done with it today too!

What have you been reading lately?

oh yeaaaah.. I ditched my classes today. I didn't feel like going to my first day of classes this semester. It's always the same, the professors don't show up and neither do the students. It's this understanding that we've all built throughout the years. Convenient at times. But I have to show up tomorrow. A professor already informed us of the lecture due tomorrow. A LECTURE!? RIGHT AFTER BREAK?! WHO IS HE KIDDING!?

Why did the break end so soon?

7:48 PM |

Who is going to win? Bush or Kerry?
Who do you want to win?

9:41 AM | Tuesday, November 02, 2004
Fire is Evil

My relatives in Canada lost their home today. As of 7pm here, their house was completely burned down and they were in their robes and sleeping gowns watching their hard-works pay vanish before their eyes. It started from another row of houses, meaning other people lost their homes as well. Jed, the youngest, somehow burned his ear a bit but he's okay now. Mik, the eldest boy took charge and brought his parents out safely. My Tita and Tito (aunt and uncle) woke up their family in time to bring them out to safety.
And everything happened so fast, they weren't able to save anything except themselves. I'm just glad their safe and well, but I still can't stop feeling their pain. They lost everything.

Ate Leigh and Ate Kiss live in their own home and I'm glad their okay too. I thought of my Ate Leigh right away because I know her fear of fires.

It's times like this where you start thinking what if you were in the same situation? What if you lost everything as well? I'd cry if I lost this pc, what more the whole house? The passports, the Visas, the documents proving you were born into this world and you're not some alien walking around. The photographs and the memories that you've held onto since grade 5.

I don't want to feel lucky because my relatives are homeless. They didn't have to go through all this pain just to make me realize what I have. It's not fair.

6:07 PM | Monday, November 01, 2004
It's a little late but i was out the whole day so..

updates coming soon

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