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5:52 PM | Friday, October 29, 2004

This is my favorite song right now. It's on Play-Repeat. Yeah, I wasn't really a pinoy music fan until recently (college, that is). It just seems that the Pinoy Music Industry is getting better, with more and greater talents that are being recognized. (oh god heavens no, I'm not talking about show-biz talents like luv idol and shit like that. And I'm not talking about how many new entertainment hosts they have daily that, I'm sorry, try to speak english but can't.
What's wrong with speaking tagalog kung mas komportable sila?

Back to my point,Have you noticed even radio stations and MTV Asia play Pinoy music more frequently now? Just an observation.. Some, not all, but some Filipinos now have found the true sense of music and art. I feel proud to know that there are talents here being recognized.
All the more I don't want to leave. *puts on sad face*

Ako'y malungkot nanaman
Amoy chico na ako
Ilang tagay na hindi pa rin tulog
Tanong ko lang sa langit
Kung bakit pumangit

Nung dating masaya
Ngayo'y panay problemang
bumabalot sa buto
Bakit ganito

Ang pag-ibig
Ganyan talaga
Pagbago pa ang pag-ibig
Ganyan talaga

Pagkagising ko
Nakita ko si juan
Na syang adik
sa aming lugar

Parang droga daw ang bisa
Na ginagamit niya kanina
Sa una lang daw

Ang pag-ibig
Ganyan talaga
Pagbago pa ang pag-ibig
Ganyan talaga
Ang pag-ibig
Ganyan talaga
Pagbago pa ang pag-ibig
Ganyan talaga

Bamboo's cool. Dino has their CD and I love listening to them. Not much songs on their album, but it's still really good.

Another amazing Filipino fact is that the swords from LOTR and Braveheart were.. get this.. made in the Philippines. And one sword costs the average of P21,000.oo. Read the article for yourself.

On another happenin' note, we had a party last night and i guess paula's post says it all. Hehe. Oh, and I helped Julius put together his blog. It's not done yet if you notice.

Dino, take me out! *grin*

1:10 AM | Monday, October 25, 2004
Ms. Earth

I CAN'T BELIEVE MS. PHILIPPINES ANSWERED THAT WAY! I mean.. They showed footage of models strutting in fur coats.. and her answer.. her answer was about fashion and that it was good that we keep up with fashion!? okay okay.. she mentioned that we should take care of the Earth, but nooooo.. no mention of poor animals who gave up their lives for humans to wear their fur.

Talk about beauty with no brains!

Your answer was supposed to be "NO animal killings just so we can wear our fur coats.." NOT keeping up with fashion. ugh.

what's worse is the audience clapped at her answer. Either they didn't understand her or they totally believe the same thing. *roll eyes*

3:31 PM | Sunday, October 24, 2004
what the !@*#!?

Your Boobies' Names Are: Cheech and Chong

They are so not!! hahaha!!

2:51 AM | Thursday, October 21, 2004

I can't sleep!

I think I have insomnia. I've been having trouble sleeping for the past week. What's wrong with me?

[edit]So I made this new icon..


2:19 PM | Wednesday, October 20, 2004

I swear.. ever since I've gotten sick, I've been bored as hell. there's nothing amusing on tv. I don't like the dvds there. I've seen most of them.
I wanna go out! *whine*

I want to buy sims 2 and play it on my pc. I want to play sims busting out on the ps2 but theres no more space on the memory card.

lately, all I've been wanting to get are memory cards, drives..

*my own ps2 memory card
*128mb flash drive (like I can afford it!)
*64mb mmc for my phone (again, like I can afford it!)
why is money ALWAYS an issue?

I wonder if there's a gadget that can improve my own memory.. hmm..

oh this is my blockmate mon. try to find him.

11:49 AM | Monday, October 18, 2004
Handwriting test

This is fun.. kinda long but if you're bored nothing stops you! (oh kaaaaren :)
It's from Handwriting Wizard..

Here are my results. like my couz, i will highlight which applies to me.

My results

4:55 PM | Saturday, October 16, 2004
In the blue of my oblivion...

In the blue of my oblivion...

my cousins blog is actually what ive wanted to post in my blog recently.. so just check out her blog.;)

6:02 PM | Sunday, October 10, 2004

i'm on vacation. saturday was lazy day. i was just plain lazy. today was
time to say goodbye to your relatives day. not a very happy day for us.
and now its time to paint. i'm still being lazy. see. my post is pathetic.

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