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5:37 AM | Wednesday, March 30, 2005
Howard Hughes

Howard Hughes

For those who are familiar with this name, you might have seen The Aviator, or you have heard of the billionaire film maker who is eccentric. Yes, I have just seen The Aviator, and I suggest to those who have not seen it, go out this instant and get a copy for yourself. It is a long movie but I loved the cinematography and found his life most interesting.

According to this site, Mr. Hughes was a hypochondriac. Ingvard Wilhelmsen, MD, Ph.D states that Hypochondria is A person with hypochondria is preoccupied with physical health and body. The diagnosis is used when a person during at least 6 months believes, fears or is convinced that he has a serious disease despite medical reassurance.

It's a scary illness that drove Howard Hughes to insanity. Before he died, he drastically changed his appearance and secluded himself from the world. He snapped. So few people recognized him before he died that people were forced to fingerprint him to identify his body.

I was in such awe while I watched Leonardo DiCaprio's performance in the movie. (Not to mention hottie Jude Law)5 stars.

Do you have Hypochodria?
I got a 28. How about you?

This is for the future..This is for the future..This is for the future..This is for the future....

12:08 AM | Tuesday, March 29, 2005

bits & pieces of everything.

There are so many things I am thankful for, yet I can't help being sad about some things. I have been known for my drama modes and everytime I try to explain my emotions, I end up being mistaken for a dramatic biatch who is just trying to get some attention.

Don't get me wrong. I love attention. It's my personal high.

But to be rejected and stepped on before I can explain is a more hurtful experience than not being noticed. It's like I'm wearing my favorite shirt & smoking on the curb. Person A notices my cig, and not my <3 shirt when he is supposed to notice THE SHIRT..

But that's not what happened.

I'm not telling what happened. I'm tired of not being taken seriously when I rant. I have a right to rant anytime and anywhere I want. Just because I am a dramaqueen does not mean that my rants are a notch below the "of-importance" line.

I am important too!

---------------- (Importance line.)

My needs and emotions are of some importance. Maybe I'm not that important to the guy selling tabloids on the street at 6am in the morning. But who cares!?

This is why I need chocolate. It's therapy. It's not proven by science but the females of the world have proven this centuries ago.

11:14 PM | Sunday, March 27, 2005
a new me.

Well, this is what I was able to come up with. After hours of deciding what really suits me, I felt so stupid forgetting the one thing I've been craving for all vacation.. CHOCOLATE. so, viola! I'm going to add some more and do a little more face lifts in a while. My sister needs to edit (after hours of putting it off) and use this computer.

Mom asked me to make a comic strip. It has a really funny storyline. Will post here as soon as I finish. I'm meeting Paula with my mom and dad tomorrow to show them the Condo. Hope all goes well!

9:05 AM | Wednesday, March 23, 2005
coming soon..

new layout.
new entry.
new me.

[Under construction] [play here first while I update my blog. I'm just still in vacation mode. Give me until the end of Holy Week]

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