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12:55 PM | Sunday, June 06, 2004

Original Chuck Taylor's for sale
size 9
Black Leather Hi-Tops

I bought this for my boyfriend while I was at Hong Kong. Sad to say, I bought him a size too small. :(

They don't have this kind here in the Philippines anymore..

So if anyone is interested please let me know.

Many thanks..

1:42 AM | Tuesday, June 01, 2004
a drop of rainfall

Today was the last day of my summer job at Color Me Mine. I'd have to say it sure had its ups and downs. But I enjoyed despite the late-mornings that resulted in sermons and the late-nights that was too eerie.

I'm enrolling tomorrow morning for my third year at college. *blank stare* I'm in third year college. *blink blink*

There are going to be more obstacles to face and I'm not even sure if I can do it. Sure, my college friends are going to be there for me but I'm sure that there are going to be tough times for all of us. Professors from hell won't make our lives easier too. I just hope there are professors who give justice. I'm scared. I'm so scared it's not even funny. But no one said growing up will ever be easy.

I think I've matured in some ways but I can't deny that deep down I'm still a kid hoping that our fears are worse that what life really has to offer.

I still like watching saturday morning cartoons. I still love eating cereal with cold milk while reading the back of the cereal box. But I also can't stop staring at the women in magazine who look so mature and elegant and I also can't deny that I wish to be like them. But I'm just a kid waiting to grow up. Of course I like going out with my friends and drink a little. (but I not to the point of getting drunk. I think I've outgrown that)

And getting into third year college is screaming YOU'RE GETTING OLD.

Obviouslly, this fact hasn't quite gotten through my system. Maybe it was because of work. Anyway..


My boyfriend isn't home yet. He hasn't texted me the whole day. *whimper* okay, I know he's at culinary school.. but the whole day!? He has classes again tomorrow. *pout* I MISS HIM!


Part of me is excited to go to school. The other part, obviously the opposite. Anyway, every school year has something ultimately interesting in store for us. More adventure for me and my friends. *sigh*

I miss my high school friends tho. It's been a really long time since i've hooked up with them. I miss them alot. I never thought that this would happen. I practically grew up with them, but now we're growing apart.

Anyhoo, i'll post pictures of my whole summer tomorrow after i get home from enrollment. Wish me luck!

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