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7:40 PM | Thursday, November 30, 2006
tomorrow is the first of December

25 days til I go broke.
Let's look at the bright side and remember that Christmas time brings SparkHope and Starbucks Season together.starbucks planner

Hence, my new planner.

This is all for the better, I said. So, I told myself that I will start pulling myself together, hence the inspiration for the blog revamp. This planner will be kept at home to avoid mishaps such as last year's case of the stolen planner. I will use the planner to keep track of my life, this blog for releasing ideas and to be able to express myself, my multiply and hopefully a flickr account for my photographs and for other odds and ends. The other social networks will have to wait as I don't have all the time in the world to fix everything.

Starting this December, I will post all the meals I've had daily along with the "exercises" I've done. Let's cross our fingers and hope it will result in a slimmer and more gorgeous me. HA!
The explanation behind that? Well, I just feel that if I share my everyday intakes, I would be more conscious to eat healthier food and do more cardio.

My goal: reach my desired BMI by August 2007. at least 7 months for gradual weight loss. You see, I've learned that losing weight fast comes back even faster. *sigh*

another sleepless night

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pag sinabing hindi kaya, wag nang ipagpilit pa. pero may magagawa ba ako?

10:21 PM | Wednesday, November 29, 2006
jo and anj..

happy birthday to two of my good friends, both in different areas around the world..

8:19 PM |
i was late again

When I opened my eyes to check the time, I knew I was going to be late again. No matter how hard I tried, it was impossible to get up. My mind was screaming "get up for work!!" while my body was whispering for five more minutes.

After my short battle, I decided to text Charo that I wouldn't be able to ride with her to work. Then, I snoozed my alarm for another five minutes.

I woke up and the strangest things started to happen..

My boss walked into my room and I rushed up to greet her. She said she would just wait for me to take a bath then I could ride to work with her. Inquisitively, I asked her about Charo and she told me that she already went ahead. So I started to choose my clothes and rushed to the bathroom. On my way out, I asked my boss, who was sitting on a bean bag if she wanted any breakfast. She said sure, and I might as well offer her some juice.

So okay, I was about to have the help prepare her food when she asked me what time it was. Apparently, her watch ran out of battery and wanted to fix the time. I noticed I was already running late and I didn't want to tell her that it was already 9am. I stuttered and told her it was only 8am, then rushed on with my business.

I came out 30 minutes later in my towel with another wrapped around my head to keep my hair from dripping. I peeked and saw my boss eating her breakfast with her back turned to me. Regardless of the bath, I was still so sleepy and and decided to take a nap..

An hour later, I woke up and realized how late I really am. It was already 10am, an hour late for work, still in my pajamas, and no boss anywhere. I actually thought she left without me only to realize it was all a dream. The disappointment just made it even harder to get up as I felt tired from all the rushing in my head!!

A super typhoon is headed our way

1:38 PM | Thursday, November 23, 2006
Finger Frenzy

My cousin Kai showed me this site months ago, and since I work as a creative designer for a medical transcription company now, I decided to give it a search. Medical Transcription Companies need people who can type fast and accurately. I'm thinking of showing this to my officemates. NO, this will not be the official testing program for transcriptionists. I just wanted to see if I was able to break my previous record of 3 seconds.. and voila!

Finger Frenzy

Give it a try and let me know how you did. It doesn't have to be your first try. ;)

11:19 AM | Wednesday, November 22, 2006
Another sick day

It's not fun to be sick. I needed some cheering up.

I decided to post a video of one of the coolest music videos ever. If you haven't seen this OK GO video yet, you have to watch.

It's time to read

2:51 PM | Tuesday, November 21, 2006
do i look fat?

Around 2am, I had cold sweat and felt like I couldn't get myself up. My nose was useless and my mouth was dry. My throat was sore and no matter how hard I tried not to cough, it would find a way to get out and cause more pain. After finding the thermometer, I checked my temperature and it was confirmed. I had a fever.

After walking to the kitchen, I toasted myself some bread and butter knowing that I shouldn't take my medicine on an empty stomach. I gulped down some Gatorade hoping to give myself some energy and at the same time quench my dry throat. A few minutes later, I felt a little better but I couldn't deny how weak I felt.

I would wake up every hour and find a more comfortable position to let some air through my nostrils. It wasn't a very pleasant experience and the same thoughts were running through my head "I can't miss work tomorrow. What if I get behind my work? What will I do at home? How about Alex' collaterals? If my fever will go away, will I have enough energy to go to work?" Finally, it was 8am and I made my decision to rest at home instead of possibly making my fever worse and feel hopeless at work.

Here, There Be Dragons By James Owen
The bright side? I get some good rest. I haven't slept this long for a while now and I know I will be able to read my book that I borrowed from Ian over a week ago. Due to my tight schedule, I haven't gotten far but I'm pretty sure it's a book I will enjoy.

Aside from my resting and book craving, great news was delivered by my college professor Sir Jay saying that our short film will be entered in another short film festival!! It has been shown in several short film festivals, the most recent at CCP last Nov 16-18. Now it'll show at CINEKATIPUNAN Mag.Net this december! Can't wait. :) He's a really great professor who makes things HAPPEN for his students. And to think I've already graduated!


I want to watch the TYRA show tonight at 7pm on ETC. It's about the old female question "do i look fat?"

TANG research

9:34 PM | Friday, November 17, 2006
how well do you think you know me?

My cousin Kai tagged whoever and I believe I fall into that category.


1. Think of 15 short bits of interesting stuff about yourself. And they've gotta be true.
2. Come up with 5 false statements regarding yourself, but for fun's sake keep them in the threshold of believability.
3. Jumble them all up together and list them in any order.
4. Post them on Blogger (LJ) and let people guess which the five false ones are!
5. Get 5 others to do the same.


1. Although I love Filipino food, I don't eat kare-kare. (A Filipino dish:.. read more here)
2. I once went to school with no bra on.
3. I had both my ears pierced four times each but I only wear one set of earrings.
4. In high school, I was able to throw a teacher out with one pinch.
5. I have sneezed more than 30 times in one hour.
6. My biggest talent is burping my ABC's and words.
7. I can smoke a pack of cigarettes in one day.
8. It is hard for me to sleep if I don't text my boyfriend.
9. I am related to Patrick and Cheska Garcia because their dad is my dad's cousin.
10. Once, a taxi driver told me to hold this knife he held to my face and I just replied "No.. thanks."
15. My sister and I fight alot and we have wrestled on the sidewalk in Canada.
16. When I was 11, I stole a two shirts that I wore under the one I walked in with.
17. When I was 9, my mom told me that the car knows where we want to go, and that was why the signal lights would know which way to turn.. and I believed her.
18. I want to get a tattoo someday
19. Due to fat issues, I went four days striaght just drinking water.
20. I don't talk when I'm mad.

So, what's wrong with this picture? *grin*

I wrote this during the day at work. It took me a while but I finished it! :)

Tag! you're it!

5:16 PM | Wednesday, November 15, 2006
are you the demolition man?

This is a hilarious audio file of Little Becky

Turn up your audio and listen to her adorable voice. Laughtrip!

now how funny is that?

12:04 AM |
Spark Hope

Somehow, I can't sleep before the clock hits 12mn. The Benadryl should have kicked in by now but I want to stay up and blog. My Benadryl is like a sleeping pill that also works while I snooze the night away. My allergies attacked me and my officemates today by rudely interrupting their every sentence. (Okay, maybe that's a little over the top. Let's say it was every other sentence.) In the past decade, I have gotten used to my allergies but it is still a big inconvenience for everyone around me.

If a pregnant woman suddenly had allergies, can the baby go deaf? Let us pretend that she sneezes like a boy and blows air like a wolf, can that damage the baby in any way?

That has always been a question on my mind since I do plan to have kids someday but I fear for their life as my sneezing could kill them.


Have you seen this season's website? It's pretty cool actually as they even have an IMV on YM for that.

My caffeine addiction has gone through the roof but I still haven't collected enough stickers for my 2007 planner! Due to the loss of my planner last year, I made a promise to myself that I will take care of 2007. Please help a friend in need.

11:56 PM | Monday, November 13, 2006
Updates Updates

Yes, I was able to accomplish something when I got home from work. My head hurts now and I need sleep. I'm trying There's this thing I'm trying where I don't start my sentences with "I". It would just deem too obvious how narcissistic I truly am. Next, I will stop using the word altogether. *nervous silence*

This site is still under construction but everything is going smoothly. Stay tuned as more clickables and pictures will be added.

And I become Cinderella

12:41 PM |
lunch break

I'm happy to see people actually visiting my site again. It's a lonely thought that they don't leave a note, a comment or a simple tag. haha! i've made a list of things to put up by the end of the week.

    * tags
    * photographs
    * journal
    * doodles
    * music playlist
    * books
    * rss button
    * firefox button
    * links links links
    * blogroll

and a little bit more tweaking. I've got to finish my design by the end of the day as i promised myself.

yumm, pasta!

4:08 PM | Sunday, November 12, 2006

I've finally gotten around to updating my blog and i actually like it. It took me a while to find that inspiration and i will credit all my brushes and sites that i checked that helped build my blog. I'm still in the process of tweaking the details, like putting tags in my blogs, fixing my albums and playlist, etc. This is just a very good day for me since it has been more than half the year since i've actually posted an entry that qualifies as a blog entry.

So after i come home from mass, i'll see what other additions I can do. Suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

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