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5:36 PM | Friday, January 02, 2004
hit and run

another lazy day. waking up past 12noon really makes the day shorter huh? a recap of my exciting day..

ºlunch with the rents
ºchecked personal stuff on the computer
ºsugarfree carbfree chocolate bars
ºsurfed sites
ºsugarfree ice cream
ºsurfed for blogs
ºplayed sims on ps2
ºsurfed sites
ºplayed simpsons hit and run on ps2

i cant believe i've accomplished so much today!! NOT.
Dino's on his way home from Baguio.. Finally.. Being low on credit and no access to the phone was pretty difficult. Now i can talk to someone on the phone. it's weird, really. I can't stand still for a few minutes. I always have to do something, communicate with someone or i just end up sleeping. i bookmarked several blogs today. yeah, im trying to get ideas for my "web site" which sadly, is going no where. cathy was supposed to come over today but her driver hasnt checked in for the day so i have no idea when i can hand her her christmas gift.. maybe i'll just do it along with her birthday gift.

Should i just stick to this blog or really finish my web site? i havn't told much about this little spot on the web. God knows no one reads this. it's just all brain fart and droppings. hehe.

my sister just comes home and the first thing she mutters "ann, borrow shirt.." *roll eyes* it's a little too late to say no huh?

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