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11:27 PM | Saturday, January 17, 2004
i might as well make use of this to vent.

Could anything be more unfair?
i can't even remember the last time i went out late to have some fun. im always at home before 11pm and its always coming home from school. today, i finally have some people to go out with and i cant go out because my mom fell asleep at 9pm? its totally not fair. i could have been picked up and dropped home safely. dad wouldn't let me go out because my mom was already asleep. he says 11pm is too late to go to eastwood.. i mean, hello!? what time do the people go there!? obviously not at 6pm. *roll eyes* for crying out loud, im 19 years old and when my ate was 19, shed be home at 3 friggn am! i mean, when else can i get the chance to go out with some buds?! not for a long time! why? because i'll be busy with school and so will everyone else! for once i'd like to just get out of the house at night. my dad is over reacting. one time, i slept in my kid brothers room since my sister was up with her friends editing in our room, obviously no sleep for me there. my dad went looking for me and he didnt see me cuddling next to my brother. he was looking for me for 3+hours.. and he actually thought i left and eloped with dino! i mean, cmon! i would never do that! he got mad for making him panic like that. well, im sorry he fell asleep before i did and didnt see me sleep next to anton. sheesh. why do i sometimes think that my parents are uber strict with me to make up for their leniency with my sister? dont get me wrong.. i love my sister.. but this is definitely not just a middle child syndrome. I work my butt off at school for them and I made them smile when i got on the deans list. Im practically the one who does their errands for them all the time. Im the one who gets ordered around. I'm the one who has to take care of my kid brother all the time. Im the one who has to sacrifice my gimiks so my sister can go out while im at home with anton. i've tried so hard to be good to them and i can't go out for one measly night while my sister is out sleeping over at a friends crib?! i am so calling my lawyer. i demand justice.

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