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10:31 PM | Thursday, January 01, 2004
is it really new?

there's so much hype about this new year, i've already become sick of it. people left and right jotting their "new year's resolutions" but will they even get around to do it? i know i've tried and failed, but i guess that's why everyone loves the new year.. so they could forget about their past mistakes and start anew..

as for me, i'm limiting my new year's resolutions to those within reach. i mean, come on.. can you really clean your room and clean out your closet at the same time? i know i can't. well, i've started on my list. i can't seem to push myself to continue. i guess number two should be
stop procrastinating..
go figure.

early this morning, my deep sleep was abruptly distrupted by my mother. *groan* we had to hear the 10am mass (yes, the 10am mass) but my body wouldn't cooperate. i woke up two hours later and for the whole day i just lazed around. i did manage to work on my upcoming web page... thanks to my couz kai. and yeah, ate kathy did give me that little push i needed to work on this thing.

my sister and i witnessed the weirdest things during the 6pm mass..

ºsome street kid kept getting beat up by his fellow street kids *yes, quite disturbing*
ºa kid would cover his ears and shriek everytime the choir would sing
ºa mom with a wedgie *shudders*
ºa teen *on the heavy side* wearing cropped pants and pointed heels.. yes, black pointed heels with olive green cropped pants..

so now, i'll go back and wait for more inspiration to finish my fatal frame II inspired web page..
or maybe i should get back to schoolwork with classes just around the corner..

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