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10:44 PM | Monday, January 05, 2004
january fifth, two thousand and four

hey dino.. it's been a month and i guess all i can really say is thank you for everything, especially keeping me happy. the mere fact that you got along with my fam means alot. i mean, my brother isnt such an obstacle.. he loves playing with you! hehe anton's letter is quite funny too *see link below*. and my sister.. wow. either she's being really nice or you're doing a good job staying on her good side.. and then there are my rents.. oh you know how it is. but they like you. *ngiti na yaaan! :)* and im really grateful you got along with my couzns while at baguio. *grin* i know a month doesnt seem long to other people, but its been a great month.. really. and i dunno how you were able to put up with my constant whining and the times id make gigil *bite* and when i get in a really crappy mood.. i guess my mum was right.. the girls here in horseshoe need a man with the patience of my dad and tito butchie, and im proud to say you've been really patient with me, noh. thanks..
it's not everyday you meet a man with the patience you have with me, and your being understanding and your sense humor.. i'm glad i got lucky. :)

and now for anton's letter.. he claims he did this at school after copying his notes and had nothing else to do..
ate kathy would know who he learned this little song from..

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