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11:32 AM | Saturday, January 17, 2004

its funny really. i wake up, almost lunchtime, and i rush to get my ass to greenhills and meet up with dino. everything runs smooth, right? especially since dino accompanied me to get my hotoil done. i mean, where can you find a guy who will sit down and wait with you while you get your hair done? twas really sweet of him.. we had fishball, bbq and manga with bagoong after that. what a treat! we then come home around 3 expecting to start the lotr marathon, but mum really wanted us to bake an atkin's friendly pie for her. *your wish is our command* so dino and i played around in kitchen for a loooong time. i learned alot of stuff too, like how to place the dough in the pie plate and how to mix properly with your hands and how not to burn the damn pie. *snicker* it came out pretty well too! *huge grin* so our cheesecake was chilled overnight and is now in the fridge waiting for me to sink my teeth into that sugar-carbo free cheesecake. hehe.

what about the marathon you ask?

it started at 10pm. we finished fellowship of the ring with no problem at all.
at 2am, we started with two towers..
around 4am, we both fell asleep..
we woke up at 6 and played return of the king..
we couldnt take it anymore.. at 6.30 we decided to sleep in our own beds. dino went home and i snuggled in my bed.

now i just laugh about it, really. *looks up and grins*

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