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4:03 PM | Saturday, January 10, 2004
shmick shmuck

..been really busy the past few days. either with school or with myself. well, i think i've made up for lost sleep and now my neck hurts. serves me right.. there are so many projects i want to ace but i have no idea what's stopping me. there's this video contest i wanted to join but it's a minimum of three members and i can't really find people who are dedicated enough *a.k.a. willing to spend moolah* by january 14.. which is 4 frickin days away. oh well..

my buds and i want to watch lotr but we know the cinemas are full especially on a weekend so i'm hoping we can go to a cinema with reserved seats.. if not, then let's all be merry and squeeze in with everyone else. :) hehe. going to school is becoming a drag, especially now that the professors are getting lazy or preoccupied with other agendas, leaving us hanging with rush-plates or empty schedules. *rolleyes* i wanna get this year over and done with. i wanna go back to color me mine and spend the summer there. i had so much fun last year, i'm hoping this year will be as great or better. i'd like to work while going to school but my schedule prohibits me from doing so.

kat and mon had one of those tampuhan days yesterday and dino and i ended up comforting kat last night and early morning until she decided to give mon a ring. i'm glad they worked it out.. they always do. :) spoke to julius yesterday and he said he's glad everything between him and paula are all good. finally, the couple we all anticipated are hitting it off. *pleased* i havnt seen mike and jo argue for quite some time now, which is a really good thing. they're really cute together, especially when they go shopping and buy the best steals. jc and jade seem the usual happy-go-lucky couple. they're always giggling and laughing and we're glad they're doing great. the bear co. is still there.. oh, i miss laila.. i really do. i want to see her and have a long talk with her.. just to make sure she knows that i and the group are here for her.. jara's still the same giddy self she is and i miss her too. which makes me think.. how come it never fails that people have to go?

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