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12:45 PM | Saturday, January 31, 2004
*sings* oh crappy days!

just my luck, after finally getting the chance to sleep after a day without it, i wake up to my moms stern voice being bithcy and all. it turns out that neither of the sisters *thats me and my ate* have "done" anything to help out with antons party later. well, correct me if im wrong, way way back she just wanted a simple friggn party.. and now its got a magician, face-paint corner, color me mine corner and a harry potter theme. now, tell me, is that simple enough!? i mean come on! im sure anton wouldn't mind if he doesnt have a poster of harry potter with his face inplace of harrys *which i failed to do... IM SORRY. but its not my fault, anton didnt want to pose in the first place. how can i create a poster of him if he doesnt cooperate!?* mom makes it seem like neither of us do anything around here. well thats because she does everything already! and them makes us feel miserable for not being able to me as super-mom as she is. fine, we all got caught up in our school business and shit, but damnit! don't make us feel worthless! its not our fault you wanted a grand party for anton [insert middle child syndrome theory here]. no i am not jealous. i just wish she was more practical. no, i wont go on ranting about how i turned down a debut celebration just so we'll save on money. *innocent look*

argh. pardon my ranting. there's really nothing to rave about. my next week is jam-packed again.

monday- preliminary test -adprac *shudders* postponed
long test -english *no notes damnit!*
tuesday- due:graphics silk screen work
due: History of Art
wednesday- JUNK ART -natsci *havnt gotten to start on it yet*
Ad Design requirements
friday- drawing from life plate

and to think im off from school at 9, every-fuckin-day.

i need to have my eyes checked tomorrow. migraine has been acting up. *roll eyes*

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