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11:50 AM | Saturday, January 24, 2004
six days late

no i have not ignored my blogspot.. ive just been really busy with my school life and my personal life..

ive been through fears, and there have been alot. some still not yet overcome. ive been through plates, even to the point where our professor refused our beautiful and worthy plates since she expected something simple. *kicks professor in the head* ive been through pain, and proud to feel joy again. sometimes, we just need to suffer to appreciate the better things in life. my so-called life that is. i really feel like i need to exert more effort and time to make my life better, for me. i wonder when i'll start focusing on myself and working for the better. oh, but believe me.. dino has made things alot easier for me, showing me how to have fun for a change and staying with me when i need him.

but i believe there is a time for everything. maybe its just not my time yet. maybe for now, im really supposed to just sit down on this chair and type whatever pops into my head. maybe its not time for me to purchase those books for my light reading. maybe its not time for me to hit the lotto jackpot yet. *grin*

im still glad for who i am and who my friends have helped me to become, and i know i can still do better.. just.. when?

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