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3:26 PM | Thursday, January 15, 2004
talk about small world..

i was just sleeping on the couch *my favorite spot* catching up on my sleep coz i had to wake up early on a no-classes day to return francis' plate. he was real nice in lending the plate. *grin* i was on the phone when mum rushed in saying the house had to be tidied since guests were coming. and when the 'guests' came in, it was my tito martin and 2 of his companions.. and this girl smiled and said hi, so i smiled back and i couldn't help but notice how familiar she looked. after a while, she told tito martin that i was anna, her english student 5 years ago in st. paul! and i was really shocked since ms. francisco remembered me and can i just stress how weird it is having your 1st year english teacher meet with your mom 5 years after?anyway, i have no clue to what they're meeting about.

yesterday, paul roman and don martin were performing at a resto along españa, but i wasnt able to go since i forgot the name of the resto. *sheepish grin* it's nice to know people can still do what they love to do.

today i just plan to play more sims and watch tv.. maybe try to catch that new commercial of coke. yes, i havn't seen the damn thing.. so sue me.

tomorrow we're planning to have an lotr marathon at dino's house after classes. so we're estimating we'll get to start at 10pm.. and if each movie is 3 hours long, we'll end up watching til 7am the next day. i just hope i won't fall asleep.

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