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11:15 PM | Saturday, May 01, 2004

I've been working most summer (Thursdays off) and just when I think i've just about had it, a nice paycheck comes in with my name on it. *grin* Okay, I enjoy meeting kids everyday, seeing great works of art and works of art all the time, meeting interesting indiviuals as well.. as most of you know, I like talking to people, especially kids. Okay, it's inevitable that I meet a brat every so often, but I'm used to it. Hey, I even taught a special child awhile ago and i just have to note that i was in awe when i saw that despite her ability to think and talk simultaneously, her hand-work was amazing. No, she was no Da Vinci, but Desly made me more open-minded about special kids..

*commercial break... lunaticalm, i swear you warped yourself 10 years younger and painted at Color Me Mine yesterday, DIDN'T YOU!?

8 Yr Old Joan At Color Me Mine Yesterday

Okay, it was my older sibling's sweet sixteen yesterday. *note the sarcasm* We ate at Twist of Minggoys at Eastwood and i must say, the serving size is small and makes me wonder how we all went home bloated. Oh, Aya and mom invited Dino. *sheepish grin*

Okay, it's a really nice feeling that your parents trust you with your beau. And I guess its safe to say that they still trust me even though I came home around 4am this morning. HAHA. Guess who ended up hanging at GJ's 24 hour coffee bar while playing magic until the wee hours of the morning?!

I saw Cat with her David at Shang awhile ago.. yihee shopping for shoes together. *bats lashes* Hehe thanks for visitng me dude.

Oh, Paula's working at Color Me Mine too, i just don't know til when..

uhm.. uhm... i'll think of something to post later.

oh oh oh!! i just watched school of rock. the story is great. the humor is just right and i love the kids. actually, i envy them. *sigh*

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