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5:57 PM | Friday, May 14, 2004
numb and bleeding

On my way home from the dentist yesterday, I realized how wicked dentists can really get. It’s not just a childhood fear anymore. Reality kicked in. They claim that the whole process won’t hurt a bit, after injecting loads of anesthesia into your wide open mouth. Yeah, right. Disagree, and be ready to face the gadgets and contraptions laid in front of you. It’s when you get home that you realize the whole procedure hurts like hell and you’re miles away from him, preventing you to strangle him due to the inflicted pain!!

Music changes to 50 first dates - hold me now

Anyway, Dino finally got his blogspot up. He’s been real excited about it lately. After I help him fix his site, I think it’s about time I polished mine a little here and there, just before school starts. His site is going to be all above his second love, music. More of like a tribute to all the great artists he knows. As for me, my blogspot and livejournal will soon get the attention they call for.

Music changes to The Used – Taste of ink

I didn’t go to work today. I know, I got bitten by the lazy bug. Working 6 days a week, 8 hours a day isn’t exactly a summer vacation. Then again, as Dino always says, “Who told you to work anyway?” Well, I guess that’s was I was all along, a frickin’ workaholic. I crave to have success and the need to always be doing something that needs to be done regardless of the lack of sleep I have.

I PROMISE TO MYSELF THAT I WILL GET THIS COMPUTER FIXED BEFORE CLASSES START THIS JUNE. Meaning I only have very few days of procrastinating left. Hmmm.

Music changes to The Flys – Got you where I want you

On a more vain note, here’s what I plan to do to myself before the vacation ends..

a)get a fab haircut
b)get that body scrub where Cathy told me to go
c)totally lose the glasses
d)lose more frickin’ pounds to get mom off my back

There. I think. Anyway, here’s what I need to do or mom will kill me by the end of summer..

a)fix that goddamn table
b)clean up my asylum (room)
c)throw away my antiques
d)lose weight (I sense a pattern here..)

And lastly, things I want to accomplish again, before summer break goes bye bye..

a)fix my websites (yeah, I’ve heard this one before.. I could use some help here.. Couz? Beans? Cawhitt? Anyone!? My sister has had more time than me! Look at her site..)
b)read several books (SUGGESTIONS PLEASE)
c)finish my ps2 games so I can more
d)get a new gameboy sp game (the sims!)
e)lose weight *laughter*

So many goals, so little time..

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