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4:10 PM | Saturday, September 25, 2004
hold on tight

Lately my emotions have been a rollercoaster ride. I miss the days I'd drown myself in my music and just be free. It must be my hormones acting up. I need chocolate. I need love. I need attention. I need to have things done my way. I need to cry. I miss my childhood.. I really do. I wish I was still innocent, not having to worry about my hair on my way to school. I wish I was still that age where you can have all the snacks and not care about how many calories are in each bite. I wish I was back at that age where kai and I would record our voices and pretend we had our own radio station and laugh about it the next day. I wish I could be a child again. I'm not that old. I'm 20. But I'd hate to get any older anytime soon.

I'm a sucker for memories and every time I take a stroll down memory lane, I get all teary-eyed and wish that I could spend some more time in my own history.

School has been draining the life outta me. I'd come home late at night, and leave early the next day. I’ve spent almost all my money since I'm too embarrassed to ask mom for more. And now I've spent more than I should have ever. I'm in a battle with all my requirements that need to be handed in this week and the last week of school.

Gawd, just how great does it feel to say last week of school..

I want to argue.. But I can't. Why do I always put myself in this position?
I always seem to make things harder for myself and I don't know why.

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