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3:13 AM | Saturday, September 18, 2004
Toys for SALE

Yesterday when I got home from school, my 7 year old brother tells me that he's been selling his toys. I didn't believe him right away but after he showed me his 'list' of buyers I had to believe him. It went something like this:

Small power rangers sword P20 sold kim
GI JOES set P40 sold JT
PS1 P21 sold denise
Yoyo P10 sold ...

Yep. He sold our PS1 for 21 pesos. Haha! But I told him how much he could really earn from it so he decided to raise his price... to P2,000.00 I know why he's been carefully planning about that. We're migrating and he wants to make sure either none of his toys are left behind, or he's sold them and made money off them. Smart kid, huh?

Dad left for SFO yesterday. The house is a little quiet right now. He's usually watching TV at this time and Ate and I have to sneak in if we come home at this late.. instead we were talking loudly and everything and I just had to miss my dad.

I watched Laws of Attraction with Dino and his sibs just a while ago. It's not a bad movie. It's cute actually. I was just too sleepy to enjoy the whole movie. A must-see-movie is Eternal Sunshine.. Yunno, the one with Jim Carrey. It’s cool, mind-boggling and the editing was great.

I just drank some medicine for my allergies. I rarely do this actually since it makes me really sleepy. Yes my eyes are drooping right now. My hands feel like they're dragging over the keyboard. I wonder If this is the feeling you get when you're high..

I'm just waiting for Dino to come home.. He brought me home.. It's taking forever for him to text he's home..

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