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9:41 AM | Tuesday, November 02, 2004
Fire is Evil

My relatives in Canada lost their home today. As of 7pm here, their house was completely burned down and they were in their robes and sleeping gowns watching their hard-works pay vanish before their eyes. It started from another row of houses, meaning other people lost their homes as well. Jed, the youngest, somehow burned his ear a bit but he's okay now. Mik, the eldest boy took charge and brought his parents out safely. My Tita and Tito (aunt and uncle) woke up their family in time to bring them out to safety.
And everything happened so fast, they weren't able to save anything except themselves. I'm just glad their safe and well, but I still can't stop feeling their pain. They lost everything.

Ate Leigh and Ate Kiss live in their own home and I'm glad their okay too. I thought of my Ate Leigh right away because I know her fear of fires.

It's times like this where you start thinking what if you were in the same situation? What if you lost everything as well? I'd cry if I lost this pc, what more the whole house? The passports, the Visas, the documents proving you were born into this world and you're not some alien walking around. The photographs and the memories that you've held onto since grade 5.

I don't want to feel lucky because my relatives are homeless. They didn't have to go through all this pain just to make me realize what I have. It's not fair.

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