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11:11 PM | Sunday, November 07, 2004
im sooo babaw.

I found this chatboard, so if we're online at the same time and we're not satisfied with the tag-board.. ta-da! An online private chatroom. Haha!

My schedule.

Take note of the long hours and crappy short breaks in between. *argh*

I had dinner at Kooka-bar (sp?) at Greenhills with Dino and his sibs. As usual, they paid for everything. Kakahiya nga eh.. but i still had so much fun!

**rant: My mom is so insensitive. She doesn't really want me having dinners with Dino and his family because according to her, we're getting too used to the fact that we're treating each other like family. my gawd. I'd be thrilled if my daughters boyfriends family took care of her like they take care of me. She just doesn't get it. She keeps saying things like, "He's just your first boyfriend", "Don't treat each other like family".. And she doesn't get the fact that it hurts my feelings. So what if he's my first boyfriend? Do I have to wait for my sixth boyfriend just to say it's safe to call it love? Ano, maglolokohan lang kami? She's keeping me too close to her and I don't think she wants me to move out, EVER. I honestly feel like she's going to keep me under her roof until im 30. AYOKO. Don't get me wrong, I'm grateful and everything but I'm growing up too. I'm not 10 anymore where I can't make my own decisions without asking her. I can choose who I want to love. She doesn't have to make comments about it. She has nothing against Dino, I just get the feeling that she thinks I'm going to have many more boyfriends after him. I don't really care what she thinks right now. Argh. I wanna get outta here already. I wanna live on my own. I so want to graduate and have my own job and family already. I'm turning 21 fer crying out loud! I'm not going to get any younger.

Yes, this has something to do with Canada, because I feel that its holding me back of my dreams. I didn't plan on migrating and waiting to become another citizen. I'm happy being Filipino. God knows I'm going to come back here.. so why leave anyway?

Oh, Dino.. if you're reading this, don't worry. Like I said, no one in my family has anything against you. My mom's just too clingy to me. She's afraid you're going to take me away from her. Boo. It's not fair huh? oooh, alis ulit tayo. Try natin ung Dencio's sa Ghills! :)

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