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7:02 PM | Wednesday, December 22, 2004
Just when i tried not to be a scrooge

I went shopping at Greenhills with my mom. I woke up uber early just to beat the car and people-traffic. I planned to buy the stuff for Dino's family there, and the rest at Shangri-la. So, there I was, finishing half of my Christmas list, saving the most important people for last (mom, dad, ate, bro, boyfriend and kris kringles).

I called mom to ask where we should meet. I walked to our meeting place and waited. I looked for my money and phone.

I couldn't find my Cellphone and 5K

It was stolen. My Christmas money, my cellphone, my savings.. all gone. I wanted to cry right then and there. But I didn't. I retraced my steps and asked around, even though I was sure the chances were slim. When I finally realized that there was no more hope, I asked some nice looking ladies if they could text my mom for me.

Thank goodness mom and I met up. She didn't scold me or anything. She hugged me and asked me what happened. She even gave me a little more money so I could finish my shopping. I don't have enough money for her and dad. I need to think of a gift for them. (Ideas anyone??)

I didn't really cry. I didn't really whine about it. I accepted the fact that shit happens and we can't do anything about it anymore but learn from our own little experiences.

So no more camera phone.. no more savings.. less christmas gifts.. but I learned that mom will be there for me always..

And I still got to get Dino a gift he'd like. So, I'm happy.

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