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1:11 AM | Friday, December 03, 2004

I never thought it was possible to cry while watching cartoons.. But I did.

And I just feel so pathetic for doing so. No, it wasn't some sappy cartoon of lovers finding their way to each others hearts.. Actually it had no relation to love whatsoever, yet I cried my eyes out for God knows why.

Every woman is wrong until she cries, and then she is right - instantly.
~Sam Slick

I never thought it was possible to finish a box of tissue in one sitting.. And I did.

No, I wasn't watching the news although I'm terribly terrified of what this storm can do to our little country. I feel bad horrible for not crying for the people who have died and for those who risked their lives trying to save others, or for those who lost all they had, and nothing was spared. I'm selfish. I was thinking about myself. I'm partly unselfish because I was worried about someone else.

I don't think I have to make meticulous description of who I'm referring to. Love bites. And it bites hard.

I cried because I love him and I was scared to death what could have been going on when I couldn't contact him. He was on the road folks, and I assume you can grasp the images running though my wild imagination. Hard rain, strong winds, a car on the road and no means of communication. Put them all together and what do you get?

I told myself I'd go to sleep and wake up tomorrow feeling better. I'm not mad at him. But I have to take the blame out on somebody don't I? So, I'm mad at myself for being so weak. I'm a strong woman, and I've always believed that.. and yet he is the only person who could make me feel weak. And I take it that's a good sign because if I continue being the Leo that I am without taking consideration what others must be feeling, I would have lost so many friends by now.

I am a proud woman, and not many people can understand that. So when I ask (or demand) someone not to do something, and my request is not met.. I lose control.

I am a lioness, hear me roar! *whimper* Yes beans, I know I need some alcohol and chocolate.. I already had the chocolate.. care to go out drinkin sometime?

something tells me my new layout doesn't match my mood.

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