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2:51 PM | Tuesday, November 21, 2006
do i look fat?

Around 2am, I had cold sweat and felt like I couldn't get myself up. My nose was useless and my mouth was dry. My throat was sore and no matter how hard I tried not to cough, it would find a way to get out and cause more pain. After finding the thermometer, I checked my temperature and it was confirmed. I had a fever.

After walking to the kitchen, I toasted myself some bread and butter knowing that I shouldn't take my medicine on an empty stomach. I gulped down some Gatorade hoping to give myself some energy and at the same time quench my dry throat. A few minutes later, I felt a little better but I couldn't deny how weak I felt.

I would wake up every hour and find a more comfortable position to let some air through my nostrils. It wasn't a very pleasant experience and the same thoughts were running through my head "I can't miss work tomorrow. What if I get behind my work? What will I do at home? How about Alex' collaterals? If my fever will go away, will I have enough energy to go to work?" Finally, it was 8am and I made my decision to rest at home instead of possibly making my fever worse and feel hopeless at work.

Here, There Be Dragons By James Owen
The bright side? I get some good rest. I haven't slept this long for a while now and I know I will be able to read my book that I borrowed from Ian over a week ago. Due to my tight schedule, I haven't gotten far but I'm pretty sure it's a book I will enjoy.

Aside from my resting and book craving, great news was delivered by my college professor Sir Jay saying that our short film will be entered in another short film festival!! It has been shown in several short film festivals, the most recent at CCP last Nov 16-18. Now it'll show at CINEKATIPUNAN Mag.Net this december! Can't wait. :) He's a really great professor who makes things HAPPEN for his students. And to think I've already graduated!


I want to watch the TYRA show tonight at 7pm on ETC. It's about the old female question "do i look fat?"

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