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8:19 PM | Wednesday, November 29, 2006
i was late again

When I opened my eyes to check the time, I knew I was going to be late again. No matter how hard I tried, it was impossible to get up. My mind was screaming "get up for work!!" while my body was whispering for five more minutes.

After my short battle, I decided to text Charo that I wouldn't be able to ride with her to work. Then, I snoozed my alarm for another five minutes.

I woke up and the strangest things started to happen..

My boss walked into my room and I rushed up to greet her. She said she would just wait for me to take a bath then I could ride to work with her. Inquisitively, I asked her about Charo and she told me that she already went ahead. So I started to choose my clothes and rushed to the bathroom. On my way out, I asked my boss, who was sitting on a bean bag if she wanted any breakfast. She said sure, and I might as well offer her some juice.

So okay, I was about to have the help prepare her food when she asked me what time it was. Apparently, her watch ran out of battery and wanted to fix the time. I noticed I was already running late and I didn't want to tell her that it was already 9am. I stuttered and told her it was only 8am, then rushed on with my business.

I came out 30 minutes later in my towel with another wrapped around my head to keep my hair from dripping. I peeked and saw my boss eating her breakfast with her back turned to me. Regardless of the bath, I was still so sleepy and and decided to take a nap..

An hour later, I woke up and realized how late I really am. It was already 10am, an hour late for work, still in my pajamas, and no boss anywhere. I actually thought she left without me only to realize it was all a dream. The disappointment just made it even harder to get up as I felt tired from all the rushing in my head!!

A super typhoon is headed our way

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