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10:36 PM | Tuesday, December 19, 2006
quite unproductive day

Wow. The last time I have been able to post was last week. Maybe that allows me to have this one unproductive day and not feel guilty about it. It was a pretty stressful week that caused me to stay late (more like, til morning) in the office and not file for overtime. Why you ask? Sometimes it's embarrassing to file for OT when I should be able to finish my work during the expected work hours. I dunno. It's not a just reason but it's the only one I can come up with.

Let's open my planner and try to recall what I've been doing this past week. Without my planner, I don't think I would be able to rely on my poor and beaten up memory. Tsk tsk.

Yes, I still jotted down all the (or most of) the food I have been eating. Hmmm, will get to that in a while. Let's jump dates.

Friday, 8

Printed stuff at Office Warehouse
Ended up cutting the invitations myself - my poor fingers.
*I tasted heaven

L: ground beef and vegetables, lettuce wraps
S: yoh-gurt foz*
D: pasta

Saturday, 9

Met up with Ian today and we had a pretty good feast.

After which, the blood fairy paid me a visit and made my weekend unpleasantly emotional.

an excerpt from my journal

I hate this emotional roller-coaster
I hate feeling so vulnerable
It's like I have no shield to protect me

I am strong!
I should be
No more tears
they make me weak

I want you to listen
Gah. I can be surprisingly emotional.
Notice the rise in my food intake?
No internet.

L: Chocolate Kiss Lasagna
S: Yoh-gurt foz, poptarts, chips
D: Lechon leftovers

Sunday, 10

was still vulnerable.

I tried to be numb.

B: Pancake with syrup
L: Subway tuna melt, 2 chocolate chip cookies, rootbeer
S: Chippy, Nova

Monday, 11

2am: he knows me so well. he fixed everything, just like that. :)

buzzy buzzy bee. I stayed at the office til 12 with Charo.

L: Lumpia
S: 1/2 slice Biko
D: cheeseburger with bacon

Tuesday, 12

was still tired. Maybe it showed because

the boss treated us to a foot spa at City Lifestyle. Whoo!!

B: McHotcake Meal, Hasbrown, Coffee
S: 1/2 Banana Turon
D: Steak Sisig

Wednesday, 13

I almost threw up Ronald McDonald.

Stayed til 12am again. I'm getting so tired. I just wish that this party was over and done with already.

B: McHotcake meal, Hashbrown, Coffee
L: McCheeseburger Meal
should be puking by now
D: juicy Cheeseburger with bacon

words for the night: Regurgitate and Burp!

Thursday, 14

Tad late for work again. The Christmas scrooge struck when I realized that I don't have any money to buy gifts for people this season. And here I thought that by working, I'd be able to earn more by the time Christmas came around.. Boy, did my bubble pop in my face!

Sometimes when you miss someone so much, you do impulsive things. I saw this pair of black havaianas in a store window and bought him a pair for no reason at all. And they fit him perfectly!

B: Graham Crackers
L: Feast at LGV occular
D: pesto bread

Friday, 15

finally done.

I won best hat, jumped into a pool and ran around the party until everyone left. Tired? Hell yeah.

L: KFC burger

Theeeeeeeen the weekend came and nothing much really happened. So now, I'm just taking one thing at a time until the Christmas break(?) hits this weekend.

Oh! My huggable santa gave me:

My Golden Apple Body Shop Body Butter!! I love the smell and it's not greasy. :) I've been eying this since I first saw it when December started. Now it's sitting nicely on my dresser and waits for me to take a shower every morning.

And who would have thought that these tiny creatures would find their way back into my palm?

I got my Tamagotchi V3 !! I'm giving one to my younger brother for Christmas (the only gift I've gotten so far) so I had an excuse to get one for myself so he has someone to play with. The Asian designs they had here weren't really that nice. I'm hoping I can find someone who's coming home in the next few months to pick me up a Tamagotchi V4 with a really great design. Yes, this is my current addiction that I can take with me anywhere.

Gee. 6 days till Christmas.

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